Welcome to Just One Book, a selection of great book recommendations written by great people. For now, they're in no particular order, nor do we aspire to anything resembling comprehensiveness in genre, style, or time period. They're simply the go-to recommendations of some of our favorite writers and readers, for all occasions. Please enjoy them. Oh, and follow us on Twitter.

The Sparrow

by Mary Doria Russell

"A story of unrequited love, crisis of faith, humor, unconditional friendship and the bravery to say yes to the unknown." more

Geek Love

by Katherine Dunn

“A novel whose central characters are outwardly extraordinary but inwardly plain.” more

Among Others

by Jo Walton

“A fantasy novel about science fiction, with teen rebellion and coming of age thrown in for good measure.” more

The Gun

by C.J. Chivers

“How a bigamist inventor, Japanese bayonet charges, child soldiers, and Nazi gun research all fit together.” more

Blow-Up Stories

by Julio Cortázar

“Reaffirms that fantasy and surrealism are natural consequences of processing human experience.” more